Fate Essay


“I am fortunes fool!” the characters cannot determine there own destinies in life, fate is determined by a high power beyond the control of the Character being affected. So many things happen by luck which Shakespeare used in his play to make it the tragedy it is. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare explores the idea of fate. He uses many quotes in the script to show that fate is in control of Romeo and Juliet’s lives. Shakespeare uses many other quotes and techniques to explore the idea of fate throughout the play.

In the play, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare uses many techniques such as plot ( timing and co-incidents), the prologue, dramatic irony and language (metaphors) to show that fate is very important in his play. Fate is defined when their life is thought to be out of their control. Shakespeare uses fate in his play to show that Romeo and Juliet’s life is under the control of fate as they meet, fall in love and die together and no one is able to stop them.

The idea that fate presents throughout Romeo and Juliet includes many techniques including plot (timing and co-incidents). Fate refers to the will of God, so due to this many co-incidences occurred as Elizabethan England Society considered this God’s intention. The timing of the play is out of the characters hands and fate uses that as an advantage, choices are made by the characters but all events throughout the play point to fate as to why these unfortunate events happen.

We see many examples of co-incidences throughout the play of Romeo and Juliet and recognize that co-incidents happen so that Romeo and Juliet meet each other, fall in love, and both take their lives as said in the prologue. We see one of these examples in Romeo and Juliet near the end of the script when Juliet takes the potion to fall asleep so she doesn’t have to marry Paris. This was Friar Lawrence idea, as Romeo had been banished from Verona, Friar Lawrence had sent the letter letting him know what was going on. As the letter did not get to him, Romeo found out that Juliet was “dead” by one of his good friends from the capulets family.  Romeo went to the apothecary to get a deadly potion to kill himself for when he sees Juliet at her tomb.   Friar Lawrence gets told by Friar John that the letter did not get to him, Friar Lawrence tried to get to the tomb before him but Romeo gets there first.  Romeo says his goodbyes to Juliet not knowing what is going on, he takes the potion and dies. Juliet wakes up just after to find Romeo is not by her side. Juliet-” O, comfortable Friar! where is my lord? I do remember well where I should be, and there I am. Where is my Romeo?”.  This quote shows us that Romeo killed himself just as Juliet was waking up because right from the start we knew that at some point they had taken their life.

The second co-incident would be when the Capulet tells the servant who can not read to send out the invitations.  As the servant can’t read he walks along a street in Verona and comes across Romeo who helps him read.   As Romeo helped him, the servant asked him to come to the party.   Servant- ” if you be not of the house of Montagues, I pray come crush a cup of wine”.  This leads him to go to the party at the Capulets and of course meet Juliet. These co-incidents show us that Romeo and Juliet fall in love, and cannot be stopped from killing themselves. The plot along with many other features shows us the idea of fate and the reasons behind it.

The fourteen-line sonnet at the start of the script known as the prologue which does not only set the scene but tells us exactly what is going to happen throughout the storyline.  It tells us where the play takes place and gives us some background information about the two families and some characters.  In the prologue, it mentions ” a pair of star-crossed lovers takes their life” in other words lovers destined to an unhappy fate, this refers to “star-crossed” which basically means against the stars. Stars were thought to discipline peoples destinies, the prologue gives us the sense of fate by letting us know that Romeo and Juliet die right from the beginning.

As the whole prologue refers to fate as the two lovers kill themselves and bring the two families together who basically were at war with each other.  As Romeo and Juliet met, fell in love, got married and unfortunately took there lives, the two families, the Capulets and the Montagues agree to end their strife.  The prologue tells the audience this at the start of the script, ” Whose misadventured piteous overthrows, Do with their death bury their parents’ strife”.  All along it was fate that the two families that hated each other came together and decided to make statues of Romeo and Juliet to commemorate them.  The prologue is one example of how fate plays out in Romeo and Juliet along with many other techniques and features.

As there were techniques used to show the idea of fate throughout the script one of them was dramatic irony. Dramatic irony is when the audience knows something that the characters have no idea about. Shakespeare uses this technique by leaving audience in suspense and anticipation, this is why Romeo and Juliet is such a good tragedy because it leaves you wondering, what if Romeo and Juliet hadn’t fallen in love? There are many examples of dramatic irony in Romeo and Juliet. One example in the final scene is the special potion Juliet takes to pass out to dodge getting married to Paris as she has already married Romeo.  The potion made her look dead so when Romeo came to her tomb he was beside himself and he instantly wanted to kill himself to be with Juliet in heaven. Romeo takes the deadly potion he got from the apothecary thinking Juliet has already died while the audience watches in agony because Juliet is only minutes from waking up. This happened to show that fate had controlled their lives and there is no way to interfere with what is set up for them.

The second example of dramatic irony shown in Romeo and Juliet is when Mercutio and Benvolio thought Romeo was hopelessly in love with Rosaline but really what he does not know is that he has fallen in love with one of the Capulets, Juliet.  Mercutio- ” Alas, poor Romeo, he is already dead, stabbed with a white wench’s black eye, run through the ear with a love-song, the very pin of his heart clift with the bind bow-boy’s butt shaft” this quote shows us that Mercutio is saying that love has already killed Romeo.  This explains that it was the fate for Romeo to meet Juliet at the Capulets party to get over Rosaline as Mercutio told him to go to the Capulet party to meet someone new. Romeo sure got over Rosaline in a hurry because it was the fate of Romeo and Juliet to meet, fall in love, and die together.

Romeo and Juliet are referred to “star-crossed lovers”  which means an ill-fated couple so its appropriate for Shakespeare to use celestial metaphors to relate to fate and heaven to show such love and beauty that Romeo and Juliet share.  The first metaphor is when Romeo compares Juliet’s eyes to the beauty of the stars, ” Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven, having some business, do entreat her eyes, to twinkle in their spheres till they return”. Romeo explains that her eyes twinkle like the brightest stars in heaven. this means any metaphor that compares something to the stars shows their future and the conflict that happened and what is set up for them.

Another example that is seen in Romeo and Juliet is near the Capulets party when Capulet explains to Paris to come along and look at many women including Juliet to make sure he definitely wants to marry Juliet. when Capulet tells Paris he refers the woman to earth-treading stars, ” At my poor house to behold this night, earth-treading stars that make dark heaven light. Such comfort as do lusty men feel”. This quote shows us that capulet compares “earth-treading stars” to the beautiful dancing woman. Shakespeare uses these metaphors in his play to compare many things to stars up in heaven. all these metaphors relate to fate as in the love and beauty Shakespeare uses to show the conflicts of man vs. man and man vs. fate.

In summary, William Shakespeare explores the idea of fate in Romeo and Juliet by using the techniques of plot, prologue, dramatic irony and metaphors.  Using old language he explores a story of love and passion, to the point where neither Romeo or Juliet can live without each other.  When fate intervenes there is no turning back and they both end up in death together.

Fate Essay

4 Main Body Paragraph Ideas:
–  Dramatic technique (Dramatic Irony)
When Juliet had taken the potion to “die” and Friar Lawrence sent a letter to Romeo but he did not receive it and he went to buy a potion to kill himself when he goes to see Juliet.  Friar Lawrence ” Stay, Then; ill go alone, fear comes upon me: O, much I fear some ill unlucky thing:”.
– Refers to God and Fate
–  Language
–  Prologue, in the prologue they tell us what is going happen throughout the play. it tells us about the fated couple which refers to “star-crossed” which basically means against the stars. Prologue ” A pair of two star-crossed lovers take their lives”.
– Plot (Timing and Co-incidence)
romeo gets to Juliet’s tomb without knowing she’s not actually dead, he has the deadly potion with him and says his goodbyes. as soon as Romeo takes the potion Juliet wakes up to find him dead. Juliet-   ” O, comfortable Friar! where is my lord? I do remember well where I should be, and there I am. Where is my Romeo?”.  The second example would be when the Capulet tells the servant who can not read to send out the invitations. as the servant can’t read he walks along a street in Verona and comes across Romeo who helps him read, as Romeo helped him the servant asked him to come to the party. Servant- ” if you be not of the house of Montagues, i pray come crush a cup of wine”.

Rewrite a scene

Act 2 Scene 5

Juliet: At nine o’clock I sent the nurse,
She ensured me she would be back In half an hour.
Perhaps she cant find him, thats not good!
Oh she’s too slow, loves runner should be thoughts,
which fly ten times faster than sunbeams
They should be strong enough to push shadows over the dark hills.
That’s the way doves carry Venus so fast,
and that’s why Cupid has wings that let him fly as fast as the wind.
Now it’s noon.
That’s three hours since nine o’clock,
but she hasn’t come back.
If she was young and passionate,
she’d move as fast as a ball.
My words would bounce her to my sweet love,
and his words would bounce her back to me.
But a lot of old people act like they’re already dead
sluggish, slow, big , and colourless, like lead.

Oh my god here she comes, what the news?
Did you see him?

Nurse: Peter, may you stay at the gate.

Juliet: Now my beautiful nurse, why do you look so sad.
Is it bad news? Tell me with a smile.
If its good news your ruining it with that sour face.

Nurse: I am aware, but leave me alone.
I am so tired my bones ache!
I have been running around everywhere.

Juliet: I wish you had my bones and i had yours news,
Please tell me nurse, I beg you, speak.

Nurse: oh sweet heaven, Your is such a rush.
Cant you wait until i catch my breath?

Juliet: How can you be out of breath
When you have enough breath to tell me your put of breath.
The excuse you make to delay the news is longer than the news itself
Is it good or bad? Answer that question
tell me if it good or bad, and ill wait for the details.

Nurse:Well, you have made a foolish choice.
You don’t know how to pick a man. Romeo?
No, not him, though his face is more handsome than any man’s,
and his legs are prettier, and as for his hands and feet and body,
they’re not much to speak of, and yet they’re beyond compare.
He’s not the most polite man in the world, but believe me,
he’s gentle as a lamb. Well, do what you want.
Be good. Have you had lunch yet?

Juliet: No i Haven’t its the least of my worries,
everything you told me i already new.
what about the marriage?

Nurse: Oh lord my head is pounding
I feel like im going to break into millions of peices.
My back aches so bad too ( Juliet rubs her back)
Oo yes and on the other side too,
Curse your heart for making me run all over the town.
I could get sick and die.

Juliet: Oh trust me, I apologize that your in pain,
Please sweet, sweet nurse, what did my Romeo say?

Nurse: Your love says, like a polite gentlmen,
who is aware, kind and handsom
where is your mother?

Juliet: Where is my mother? shes inside, why you ask
Where else could she be? Your answers are so strange.

Nurse: Holy God, you are so impatient.
My bones are still aching,
Next time do your messaging yourself.

Juliet: Your making such a fuss,
What did my romeo say.

Nurse: Do you have permission to go out
and take confession today?

Juliet: I do.

Nurse:Then hurry up and rush over to Friar Lawrence’s cell.
There’s a husband there who’s waiting to make you his wife.
Now I see the blood rushing to your cheeks.
You blush bright red as soon as you hear any news.
Go to the church. I must go by a different path to get a rope ladder.
Your love will use it to climb up to your window while it’s dark.
I do the drudge work for your pleasure.
But soon you’ll be doing a wife’s work all night long.
Go. I’ll go to lunch.
You go to Friar Lawrence’s cell.

Juliet: Wish me luck
Thankyou, my nurse.



The clock struck nine when I did send the nurse;
In half an hour she promised to return.
Perchance she cannot meet him: that’s not so.
O, she is lame! love’s heralds should be thoughts,
Which ten times faster glide than the sun’s beams,
Driving back shadows over louring hills:
Therefore do nimble-pinion’d doves draw love,
And therefore hath the wind-swift Cupid wings.
Now is the sun upon the highmost hill
Of this day’s journey, and from nine till twelve
Is three long hours, yet she is not come.
Had she affections and warm youthful blood,
She would be as swift in motion as a ball;
My words would bandy her to my sweet love,
And his to me:
But old folks, many feign as they were dead;
Unwieldy, slow, heavy and pale as lead.

Act 5 Scene 3 summary

Act 5 Scene 3

Time: Thursday night.
Location: Tomb of the Capulets in Verona.
Characters: Paris, Page, Romeo,  Juliet,  Friar Lawrence, Balthasar, Prince, Capulet, Lady Capulet, Montague.
Events: Paris arrives at the tomb with flowers to say goodbye to Juliet as they were meant to get married as he is saying his goodbyes page alerts him that someone is coming, Paris hides to see who it is. Of course, that person was Romeo that was going to see Juliet to take the deadly potion because Juliet was supposedly dead. Paris comes out and wants to fight Romeo because he thinks Romeo is here to cause more danger, Paris does not know that Juliet is his wife. They fight, Romeo kills Paris and shortly after he looks at Juliet and wonders why she looks so fair and gives her one last kiss then he takes the deadly potion and dies. Friar Lawrence gets there too late and sees Romeo lying there dead, Romeo wakes up and Friar Lawrence convinces her to run away Juliet wants to take the potion that Romeo took but there was none left so she took the dagger off Romeo and stabs herself. they kept referring Juliet to a sheath.  The Prince arrives at the scene that Paris, Juliet and Romeo are all lying dead and think that Friar Lawrence killed them. Friar Lawrence explains that he did kill them but did not physically kill them he explains everything. Montague and Capulets decide to end their feud for the sake of there children that died. They also decide to make statues of there children to commemorate them. Prince says that those of them involved with Romeo and Juliet’s death will somewhat be punished and some will be pardoned. Prince- ” for never was a story of more woe. Than this of Juliet and her Romeo”.
The End.

Act 5 Scene 2 Summary

Act 5 Scene 2

Time: Thursday  Morning.
Location: Friar Lawrence Cell.
Characters: Friar Lawrence, Friar John.
Events: Friar John comes to see Friar Lawrence and tells him that Romeo did not get the letter, Friar Lawrence explains that the letter was very important and may cause danger. Friar Lawrence gives Friar john instructions to follow as Friar Lawrence has to get the Capulets vault before Romeo finds her lying dead and kills himself.  Friar Lawrence- ” Poor living corse, clos’d in a dead man’s tomb”.

Act 5 Scene 1

Act 5 Scene 1
Time: Wednesday Morning.
Location: A street in Mantua.
Characters: Romeo, Balthasar and Apothecary.
Events: Romeo has a wonderful dream that Juliet found him dead and gave him a kiss and gave him new life. Ashes thinking about this dream Balthasar walks towards him. Romeo instantly asks him questions such as how is my wife, is my father well?. Balthasar gives him the news that poor Juliet is dead. Romeo doesn’t take the news well and asks Balthasar to get horses so he can start heading to Verona tonight to lie with Juliet.  He asks Balthasar if he has a letter from Friar Lawrence but he doesn’t as Friar Lawrence had sent Romeo the plan but the letter had not gotten to him. Romeo talks about some type of herb he can take when he sees Juliet dead he will take his own life by drinking the herb. Romeo- ” A dram of poison, such soon-speeding gear as will disperse itself through all the veins, that the life-weary taker may fall dead”.

Romeo- ” There is thy gold, worse poison to men’s souls, doing more murder in this loathsome world, than these poor compounds that thou mayst not sell”.

Act 4 Scene 5 summary

Act 4 Scene 5
Time: Wednesday Morning.
Location: Juliet’s Bedroom.
Characters: Nurse, Lady Capulet, Capulet, Friar Lawrence, Paris, Peter, Musican 1, 2 and 3.
Events: Nurse goes to wake Juliet up and walks in to find her dead but really she had just taken that potion, Shakespeare used dramatic irony in this scene. She calls out for help. Lady Capulet comes into the room asking what the noise is, the nurse tells her that Juliet is not waking up and that she must be dead. Lady Capulet calls out for capulet. Lady Capulet pretends to care as Friar Lawrence enters asking if the bride is ready. Capulet explains to him  shes dead and Friar Lawrence convinces the family that she has gone to heaven and that she’s in a higher place than shes ever been, he also mentions that it is best to die married young but no one in Juliet family know shes married except the nurse so they won’t know what he’s talking about. Friar Lawrence- ” She’s not well married that lives married long, but she’s best married that dies married young”.  Peter and the musicians argue to add humour.

Act 4 Scene 2,3,4

Act 4 Scene 2,3,4
Time: Tuesday Afternoon, Tuesday Night, Wednesday morning.
Location: CApulets House.
Characters: Servingman 1, 2, and 3, Juliet, Nurse, Lady Capulet, Capulet.
Events: Juliet get backs from hearing the plan from Friar Lawrence and apologizes to her father (Capulet) and tells her family to continue with the wedding. Capulet decides to make it a day earlier as he doesn’t know Juliet’s plan. Shakespear used Dramatic Irony in this situation to keep the audience hooked on. Juliet goes to her room with the nurse, Lady Capulet comes into the room and asks if Juliet needs help. Juliet politely asks the nurse and lady capulet to leave the room so she can go to sleep, but really she needs to be alone so she can take her potion from Friar Lawrence. She hesitates about taking the potion as she thinks that it could kill her or it won’t work. As time passes and shes still worrying about the scenarios that could happen, she lays a dagger beside her in case the potion won’t work. She finally took the potion as a toast for her love of Romeo.Juliet- ” What if the mixture do not work at all?Shall i be married tomorrow morning? No, No, this shall forbid it; lie thou there”. The next morning her family is getting ready for the wedding and Lady Capulet ordered the nurse to go wake Juliet up.

Act 4 Scene 1 summary

Act 4 Scene 1
Time: Tuesday Morning.
Location: Friar Lawrence’s cell.
Characters: Paris, Juliet, Friar Lawrence.
Events: Paris talks to Friar Lawrence about the wedding and what day it will be, Juliet, walks in saying that she isn’t her wife. Paris talks about how he owns Juliet’s face that has been abused by her crying. Paris leaves and Juliet explains to Friar Lawrence that she would rather kill herself than marry Paris. Juliet- ” Do thou but call my resolution wise, and with this knife, I’ll help it presently”.Friar Lawrence comes up with a plan that she goes along with the plan to marry Paris, late Wednesday night when she goes to sleep alone she drinks what Friar Lawrence gave her and that will put her asleep for 40 hours. the drink should make Juliet look dead and they shall place her in the Capulets Toom. Then Friar Lawrence and Romeo will be there for her waking and Juliet will run away with Romeo.