Act 2 Scene 4 Summary

Act 2, Scene 4
Location: A street in Verona.
Characters: Mercutio, Benvolio, Peter, Nurse, Romeo.
Time: Midday Monday.
Event: Benvolio and Mercutio talk about Romeo’s whereabouts and talks about how he is still sad about Rosaline not knowing about Juliet and would not be able to take on Tybalt by himself, Romeo then turns up and has some banter to Mercutio. The banter starts to get a little off hand and becomes more unfriendly so Benvolio buts in.  The relationship between Mercutio and Romeo is being really good friends. The nurse then shows up to find Romeo to ask if Romeo and Juliet are still arranging to get married. Romeo tells the nurse about the arrangements and sends her back off to tell Juliet where and when they shall get married. the nurse agrees and gets on her way back. Nurse – ” Paris is the proper man, but i’ll warrant you”

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