Act 2 Scene 5 Summary

Act 2 Scene 5
Location: Capulets house.
Characters: Nurse, Juliet.
Time: Midday Monday
Events: Juliet sends Nurse to find Romeo to see if there still going through with the marriage. She waits for the Nurse to return, she talks about how long she is taking, Nurse enters with the news but stalls and does not tell her. Shakespeare does this to build suspense for the audience. The nurse goes on about how her body aches and goes on to Juliet about how handsome Romeo is but can be rude as well but tells Juliet that she approves of him for her happiness. Nurse – “He is not the flower of courtesy, but i’ll warrant him”.  At this point juliet still doesn’t know that the wedding is happening but after all the Nurse mentions to Juliet the arrangements of the wedding. Juliet is full of excitement. Juliet – ” Hie to high fortune! Honest Nurse, farewell”

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