Act 3 Scene 2

Act 3 Scene 2
Location: Capulets House.
Characters: Nurse, Juliet.
Time: Monday Night.
Events: Juliet patiently waits for Romeo to turn up but the nurse returns with bad news. The nurse talks to Juliet about a certain death, Juliet thinks Romeo has been killed or had killed himself. The nurse doesn’t leave her thinking and tells Juliet that Tybalt had been killed by Romeo, Romeo had been banished from Verona. Juliet says that after all Romeo is still her husband and that she needs to talk to him, Juliet was very unhappy about Romeo being banished. Juliet asks for her mother and Father. Juliet – ” Come, cords, come, Nurse, I’ll to my wedding bed, And death, not Romeo, take my maidenhead”. This quote explains how Romeo has been banished before Juliet could lose her virginity to her husband, Juliet thinks she’ll die a virgin. Juliet sends nurse off to find Romeo.

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