Act 3 Scene 3 Summary

Act 3 Scene 3
Location: Friar Lawrence’s cell.
Time: Monday night.
Characters: Nurse, Romeo, Friar Lawrence.
Events: Romeo is hiding out at Friar Lawrence cell waiting to hear about his punishment, Friar Lawrence updates him and tries to convince Romeo that banishment could be a good thing. Romeo compares banishment as its worse than death and that he would rather commit suicide. Romeo is to focus on the fact that he’ll never see Juliet again. There is then a knock on the door Friar Lawrence tells Romeo to hide as it could be the prince’s men trying to find him, Romeo refuses to hide, luckily it was only Juliet’s nurse. The nurse tells Romeo how upset Juliet is which doesn’t help Romeo out but turned out that Friar Lawrence and Nurse is letting Romeo have one last night with Juliet while Friar Lawrence tries to pardon Romeo from the prince so Romeo can come back to Verona and make his marriage public with Juliet. Romeo recovers and runs off to see Juliet. Romeo- ” Ha, Banishment? be merciful, say ‘death’: for exile hath more terror in his look, much more than death. Do not say banishment”.

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