Act 4 Scene 2,3,4

Act 4 Scene 2,3,4
Time: Tuesday Afternoon, Tuesday Night, Wednesday morning.
Location: CApulets House.
Characters: Servingman 1, 2, and 3, Juliet, Nurse, Lady Capulet, Capulet.
Events: Juliet get backs from hearing the plan from Friar Lawrence and apologizes to her father (Capulet) and tells her family to continue with the wedding. Capulet decides to make it a day earlier as he doesn’t know Juliet’s plan. Shakespear used Dramatic Irony in this situation to keep the audience hooked on. Juliet goes to her room with the nurse, Lady Capulet comes into the room and asks if Juliet needs help. Juliet politely asks the nurse and lady capulet to leave the room so she can go to sleep, but really she needs to be alone so she can take her potion from Friar Lawrence. She hesitates about taking the potion as she thinks that it could kill her or it won’t work. As time passes and shes still worrying about the scenarios that could happen, she lays a dagger beside her in case the potion won’t work. She finally took the potion as a toast for her love of Romeo.Juliet- ” What if the mixture do not work at all?Shall i be married tomorrow morning? No, No, this shall forbid it; lie thou there”. The next morning her family is getting ready for the wedding and Lady Capulet ordered the nurse to go wake Juliet up.

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