Act 5 Scene 3 summary

Act 5 Scene 3

Time: Thursday night.
Location: Tomb of the Capulets in Verona.
Characters: Paris, Page, Romeo,  Juliet,  Friar Lawrence, Balthasar, Prince, Capulet, Lady Capulet, Montague.
Events: Paris arrives at the tomb with flowers to say goodbye to Juliet as they were meant to get married as he is saying his goodbyes page alerts him that someone is coming, Paris hides to see who it is. Of course, that person was Romeo that was going to see Juliet to take the deadly potion because Juliet was supposedly dead. Paris comes out and wants to fight Romeo because he thinks Romeo is here to cause more danger, Paris does not know that Juliet is his wife. They fight, Romeo kills Paris and shortly after he looks at Juliet and wonders why she looks so fair and gives her one last kiss then he takes the deadly potion and dies. Friar Lawrence gets there too late and sees Romeo lying there dead, Romeo wakes up and Friar Lawrence convinces her to run away Juliet wants to take the potion that Romeo took but there was none left so she took the dagger off Romeo and stabs herself. they kept referring Juliet to a sheath.  The Prince arrives at the scene that Paris, Juliet and Romeo are all lying dead and think that Friar Lawrence killed them. Friar Lawrence explains that he did kill them but did not physically kill them he explains everything. Montague and Capulets decide to end their feud for the sake of there children that died. They also decide to make statues of there children to commemorate them. Prince says that those of them involved with Romeo and Juliet’s death will somewhat be punished and some will be pardoned. Prince- ” for never was a story of more woe. Than this of Juliet and her Romeo”.
The End.

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