dystopia olympic piece

Above me I see the grey stormy sky loom over me.  Getting my last banana in my anxious stomach stimulates my nerves. The injection in my arm which makes me irritable, powerful and energetic all in one emotion. The crowd, who is screaming violently and loudly gives me the extra rush of adrenaline.  The consequences go through my mind of losing, there is no way I will let my country down. The speech at the opening ceremony replays through my head ” this year we are taking it to the next level, the country that has the least gold medals will be taken over by the country that has most gold medals, don’t let your country down” The echo of this one sentence will continue to hunt me. As it replays in my head my race number is called.

I walk to my track lane as my heart is beating more than ever, my hands are placed either side of my body as I crutch down to wait for the starter pistol. Boom, the starter pistol bullet flies up into the air as I spring up and pump my legs. Beyond I see nothing but the crowd, no one in sight. Every part of my body is eager to get to the finish line which motivates me even more to keep sprinting my heart out. Only a few meters ahead of me I identify a thick long piece of red ribbon spread across the finish line, I prepare myself to dig it in for those last few strides, all of a sudden my head crosses the line as my body follows. The ribbon wrapped around my waist I raise my arms in victory. Abruptly I realise the shortness of my breathing gets worse as my chest starts to tighten and a squeezing sensation in my chest occurs. The sharp horrendous pain spreads throughout my body. I start to panic as I can’t control my body, I fall to the ground. My eyes become blurry and dreary as I hear voices surround me. Now I see and feel nothing.

Beneath me I feel what seems to be like a really hard bed. As my eyelid try to open it feels like i’m trying to lift weights off my eyes. I feel a smooth hand clench onto mine as my eyes finally open, I see my mum who looks absolutely exhausted.  Her eyes catch mine as I see that she has a tears rolling down her cheek. Only a few minutes after I had woken my coach enters the room along with a doctor and a nurse. Firstly they ask me how i’m feeling which had to have been a foolish question to ask at this point. They explain to me that I had a very severe heart attack and that i’m lucky to be alive, I see mum who is in the corner holding in her tears. All I can remember is how nervous I was at the start of the race and from there on its all a blur, I don’t even know how I did in my final. Thoughts race through my mind but all my body can cope right now is sleep I try to stay awake to talk to my coach but I feel so muggy, lethargic and sore. The disinfectant smell of the hospital reminds of the time my dad unfortunately passed away, and reminds me of why i’m really here. As I fight to stay awake I gaze out the window and see the jagged buildings and the sky finally become clear and and warming, my coach once again enters my room with a coffee. The smell of coffee fulfilled my room. ” Coach Henry may I ask why you are so happy at this exact moment?” I say with a confused look on my face, and Henry explains his excitement by saying ” I have very exciting news but I must wait until I have been given this gift for you”. What he said did not make total sense to me, what is it he has to give me.

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