Fate Essay

4 Main Body Paragraph Ideas:
–  Dramatic technique (Dramatic Irony)
When Juliet had taken the potion to “die” and Friar Lawrence sent a letter to Romeo but he did not receive it and he went to buy a potion to kill himself when he goes to see Juliet.  Friar Lawrence ” Stay, Then; ill go alone, fear comes upon me: O, much I fear some ill unlucky thing:”.
– Refers to God and Fate
–  Language
–  Prologue, in the prologue they tell us what is going happen throughout the play. it tells us about the fated couple which refers to “star-crossed” which basically means against the stars. Prologue ” A pair of two star-crossed lovers take their lives”.
– Plot (Timing and Co-incidence)
romeo gets to Juliet’s tomb without knowing she’s not actually dead, he has the deadly potion with him and says his goodbyes. as soon as Romeo takes the potion Juliet wakes up to find him dead. Juliet-   ” O, comfortable Friar! where is my lord? I do remember well where I should be, and there I am. Where is my Romeo?”.  The second example would be when the Capulet tells the servant who can not read to send out the invitations. as the servant can’t read he walks along a street in Verona and comes across Romeo who helps him read, as Romeo helped him the servant asked him to come to the party. Servant- ” if you be not of the house of Montagues, i pray come crush a cup of wine”.

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