Metaphors Explaining About Romeos Dreams

Metaphor: Which is as thin of substance as the air.
Shakespeare uses metaphor to convey his idea that Romeo’s dreams are not true and that dreams are very unreliable as Romeo dreams of something dark like death as Benvolio has the idea to go to Capulets party. He does this by having Mercutio refer dreams as unreliable and untrue. Mercutio also refers dreams to be as thin of substance as the air, “which is as thin of substance as the air”. This proves that he is saying that Romeo’s dreams are not true because the air is so thin it’s imperceptible and invisible. Therefor Mercutio is saying his dreams are unreliable, Romeo then takes Mercutio advice spite his hesitation to go to the party he goes anyway.

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  1. This is a good exploration of this metaphor. I particularly like the way you’ve explored the implications and surrounding context – the darkness of the dream Romeo was referring to and the eventual outcome. Knowing what we now know, this advice my Mercutio was actually fatal!

    I’d encourage you to develop this further by making a more specific reference – even a quote – to the dreams Romeo had.

    Good going!

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