Moderation of Romeo and Juliet

Devani: Oh no, here come the athletes.
Jemimah: My cash is out ill get there first.
Devani: How! we need to turn back and run.
Jemimah: Racks off, I’m not scared.
Devani: Well I am.
Jemimah: Let’s just go, we won’t cause a scene.
Devani: Fine I will just glare.
Jemimah: I’ll push to the front of the line and they will not bear it.


Ravenna: Did you just push in front of us.
Jemimah: I did just push in front.
Ravenna: Did you just push in front of us.
Jemimah: (aside to Devani) What do I say yes or no?
Devani: No.
Jemimah: No Ravenna I did just push in front, but I did not push in front of you.
Devani: Do you fight
Ravena: Fight? no way
Jemimah: If you want to fight, I will fight
Ravena: No better
Jemimah: Well
Devani: Say better. Here comes another one of us
Jemimah: Yes better
Ravena: Liar
Devani: You’re asking for it.



Stacey: Why are you wasting your time on these losers, when you know you’re too good for them


Principal: Stop fighting! You have one more warning until you are expelled
Stacey: I’m just trying to keep the piece, either let us go in front of you or fight
Principal: What? You say you are going to fight but then talk about peace? I hate the word peace like I hate hell, all of you detention now.



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