Quote to remember


“Some consequence yet hanging in the stars
Shall bitterly begin his fearful date
With this night’s revels, and expire the term”

Just before Romeo heads over to the Capulet ball, where he falls in love with and meets Juliet, he tells us that he has a funny feeling—like something “hanging in the stars” (something destined to happen) will get moving. Uh-oh. We have a feeling, too—a bad feeling.

“If he be married my grave is like to be my wedding bed.”
Juliet see Romeo and it was at love at first and explains of Romeo is married she will refuse to marry anyone and would rather die. 

My only love sprung from my only hate!
Too early seen unknown, and known too late!
Prodigious birth of love it is to me
That I must love a loathèd enemy.

ROMEO, rising up
Spakest thou of Juliet? How is it with her?
Doth she not think me an old murderer,
Now I have stained the childhood of our joy
With blood removed but little from her own?
Where is she? And how doth she? And what says
My concealed lady to our cancelled love?

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and refuse thy name,
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
And I’ll no longer be a Capulet.

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