Rewrite a scene

Act 2 Scene 5

Juliet: At nine o’clock I sent the nurse,
She ensured me she would be back In half an hour.
Perhaps she cant find him, thats not good!
Oh she’s too slow, loves runner should be thoughts,
which fly ten times faster than sunbeams
They should be strong enough to push shadows over the dark hills.
That’s the way doves carry Venus so fast,
and that’s why Cupid has wings that let him fly as fast as the wind.
Now it’s noon.
That’s three hours since nine o’clock,
but she hasn’t come back.
If she was young and passionate,
she’d move as fast as a ball.
My words would bounce her to my sweet love,
and his words would bounce her back to me.
But a lot of old people act like they’re already dead
sluggish, slow, big , and colourless, like lead.

Oh my god here she comes, what the news?
Did you see him?

Nurse: Peter, may you stay at the gate.

Juliet: Now my beautiful nurse, why do you look so sad.
Is it bad news? Tell me with a smile.
If its good news your ruining it with that sour face.

Nurse: I am aware, but leave me alone.
I am so tired my bones ache!
I have been running around everywhere.

Juliet: I wish you had my bones and i had yours news,
Please tell me nurse, I beg you, speak.

Nurse: oh sweet heaven, Your is such a rush.
Cant you wait until i catch my breath?

Juliet: How can you be out of breath
When you have enough breath to tell me your put of breath.
The excuse you make to delay the news is longer than the news itself
Is it good or bad? Answer that question
tell me if it good or bad, and ill wait for the details.

Nurse:Well, you have made a foolish choice.
You don’t know how to pick a man. Romeo?
No, not him, though his face is more handsome than any man’s,
and his legs are prettier, and as for his hands and feet and body,
they’re not much to speak of, and yet they’re beyond compare.
He’s not the most polite man in the world, but believe me,
he’s gentle as a lamb. Well, do what you want.
Be good. Have you had lunch yet?

Juliet: No i Haven’t its the least of my worries,
everything you told me i already new.
what about the marriage?

Nurse: Oh lord my head is pounding
I feel like im going to break into millions of peices.
My back aches so bad too ( Juliet rubs her back)
Oo yes and on the other side too,
Curse your heart for making me run all over the town.
I could get sick and die.

Juliet: Oh trust me, I apologize that your in pain,
Please sweet, sweet nurse, what did my Romeo say?

Nurse: Your love says, like a polite gentlmen,
who is aware, kind and handsom
where is your mother?

Juliet: Where is my mother? shes inside, why you ask
Where else could she be? Your answers are so strange.

Nurse: Holy God, you are so impatient.
My bones are still aching,
Next time do your messaging yourself.

Juliet: Your making such a fuss,
What did my romeo say.

Nurse: Do you have permission to go out
and take confession today?

Juliet: I do.

Nurse:Then hurry up and rush over to Friar Lawrence’s cell.
There’s a husband there who’s waiting to make you his wife.
Now I see the blood rushing to your cheeks.
You blush bright red as soon as you hear any news.
Go to the church. I must go by a different path to get a rope ladder.
Your love will use it to climb up to your window while it’s dark.
I do the drudge work for your pleasure.
But soon you’ll be doing a wife’s work all night long.
Go. I’ll go to lunch.
You go to Friar Lawrence’s cell.

Juliet: Wish me luck
Thankyou, my nurse.


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