Scene 2 Summary

Act 1 Scene 2

Location: A Street in Verona
Characters: Capulet, County Paris, Servant, Benvolio, Romeo. 
Time: Saturday afternoon.
Events: Paris is eager to marry Juliet so Paris goes to Capulets family ballroom to ask for consent. Capulet decided to give Juliet some more time, Capulet told Paris to give her two more years then she may be ready. Capulet then invites him to the party he is having. Old Capulet gives the invitations to the servant to give out but the problem was the servant can’t read so he asked Romeo and Benvolio to help him out. Benvolio then has the idea to invite themselves to the party to show Romeo that there is plenty more beautiful woman out there. Romeo- ” I’ll go along no such sight to be shown, But rejoice in splendour of mine own”



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