Swimming Goggles

I See the lenses fogging up
Terror: I try to look ahead but i see nothing but fog.
Fun: I can see nothing but blue as i rush down the waterslide
I smell the chlorine lingering in my hair.
Terror: I can smell the chlorine as it gushes over my head
Fun: I smell the chlorine which reminds me of my favourite memories
I taste the liquid gushing into my mouth
Terror: I taste nothing but chemicals as I start choking
Fun: I can taste the chlorine that gushes into my mouth as i zoom around the corners.
I hear the water splashing around me
Terror: I Hear nothing around me.
Fun: I hear the screams and laughter of the kids around me
I feel the coldness become warm.
Terror: I feel the coldness come over me as I sink further down.
Fun: I can hardly feel my face as my eyes are squished. 

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